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Lipman Nurit 8310

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Lipman Nurit 8310 Check Reader

The Lipman Nurit 8310 check reader is not compatible with the great merchant accounts offered through AMS. However, we do have a wealth of top of the line credit card processing equipment offered at unbeatable prices that is compatible with AMS merchant accounts.

Rates starting as low as 1.29% for swiped transactions and 1.89% for keyed.
There are no contracts or cancellation fees with any AMS merchant account.

Not Compatible

Spotlight Features
  • Fits neatly into all transaction installations.
  • The 8310 can communicate to a host device using bar code wand emulation, or via serial RS-232.
  • Compatible with hundreds of different POS systems through keyboard wedge interface. Motorized paper
    transport for quick, easy check handling, and a high first pass good read rate.
  • Easy and fast firmware modifications. o Allows field program memory
    upgrades for future enhancements without a "chip change."
  • Fully programmable output data editing capability - not restricted to a limited dip-switch based selection.
  • Supports host download of all parameter and MICR exception table data.
  • Unique parsing instructions for non-standard MICR line data is
    stored in FLASH memory exception table.
  • MICR exception table may be field updated using MICR
    programming checks or serial RS-232 download.
  • The 8310 will operate from either a regulated +5VDC
    power source, or a regulated or unregulated +7 to +13 VDC power source.
    For most keyboard wedge installations, an external power pack is not required.
  • The 8310 can read documents encoded with either E-13B or CMC-7 fonts.
    This feature is useful for installations near international borders where financial
    documents may be encoded in either font.
  • Measurement Specifications

    • Height: 3.4 in. (8.71cm)
    • Width: 4.08 in. (10.4cm)
    • Depth: 5.75 in. (14.6cm)
    • Weight: 1.25 lb. (567g)

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