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Credit Card Processing Solution for E-Commerce

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Credit Card Processing Solution for E-Commerce

E-commerce is the in thing today. It allows direct selling and automatic processing of purchases between parties over the internet. The payments are made through online credit card processing. Today, customers have got used to shopping online and expect their favorite shopping sites to have merchant services, giving them the option to pay by credit cards.

Any business enterprise whether big or small, ignoring what their customers want can never succeed. If your e-business does not accept payments online, you are, in fact, telling a large number of potential customers that their business does not matter to you. If this is not the message that you want to convey, adding a merchant account is the most relevant step to be taken. A merchant account gives you the facility of online credit card processing.

AMS (AMS) is the leading provider of merchant account services giving you all kinds of credit card processing solutions irrespective of the business type, size or processing volume. It provides retail payment processing through swipe terminals, mail order or telephone order payment processing, internet payment processing (real time processing) and wireless payment processing. It accepts all major credit cards, Bank ATM, debit cards, corporate cards and even checks. So, you need not have to pay any middlemen fees.

Internet merchant accounts support e-commerce. The company uses the payment gateway in order to secure your online credit card processing. It offers discount rates starting as low as 1.89%. Moreover, you get free payment processing gateway options as well.

The other credit card processing equipments and solutions provided by it are the following:

  • Free credit card machines offering you to start processing credit cards without paying a single penny for the equipment.
  • Feature filled, all-in-one terminal with printers.
  • Easy to use credit card machines and rugged swipe terminal units.
  • Touch-tone telephones, including cell phones for credit card processing without requiring any machine or terminal.
  • Latest credit card processing software from PC Charge and IC Verify for processing credit cards through your PC.

The best thing about getting an AMS merchant account is that you can simply avail it by completing its online merchant account services application. Moreover, you are not required to enter into any long term contract with AMS. Rather, it ensures your association by providing you prompt credit card processing solutions at highly competitive rates and fees, which you cannot get from other service providers. For more information about its services, products and pricing, log on to



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