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How to Apply for Merchant Services

Merchant Account Solutions
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How to Apply for Merchant Services

Any e-commerce business needs a merchant account for processing payments. A reliable merchant account is a must have for an online businessman who desires online venture to succeed and grow. AMS helps you to apply for merchant services.

Merchant accounts enable a website based business receive credit and debit card payments online, thereby providing its customers with a plethora of payment options.
It is an accepted fact that online credit card processing empowers a businessman by providing him with several flexible payments and processing options and helps him to boost his sale. A reliable and secure merchant account helps your business to flourish by attracting customers to your website. It is important that you understand the significance of accepting services from a merchant account provider that not only processes inbound payments but international payments as well.

Merchant Services ensures you to accept payments from anywhere in the globe. Irrespective of the size of your business and the risk factor involved, a merchant account with Advanced Merchant Services goes a long way in helping you to boost your revenue and carve a niche space for yourself in the online domain.

It could not be easier to apply for a merchant account with AMS. All you need to do is to follow our two step account processing procedure. Firstly, fill the simple and easy merchant account application on our website. The only details you would be asked to provide will be your name, address and the website URL along with a brief description of the business you are engaged in. This will be followed by a section of transaction information and another section of “AMS Advantage” where you would be able to customize your merchant account as per your own specific needs. You also have the option of calling us at 1-800-257-9398 and applying for a merchant account over the phone.

At Advanced Merchant Services, we fully realize the value of our client’s time. We understand that having to wait for weeks to get the merchant account can prove to be very costly for an online venture. A lucrative and a very profitable business transaction may have turned down solely because the merchant account you had applied for a fortnight back, hasn’t yet been processed. At AMS however we make sure that the merchant account is processed within 24 hours. So visit us at  and apply for your merchant account today.


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