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Merchant Account Solutions Merchant Account Solutions

Merchant Services - Increase Your Revenue and Customer Interaction

Merchant Account Solutions
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Merchant Services - Increase Your Revenue and Customer Interaction

In this highly competitive market where businesses are trying hard to increase their market share, merchant services help them to satisfy their customers effectively. This is because, in today's time, customers prefer to make payments for their big or small purchases by credit cards. Merchant Services enable you to accept credit cards with a merchant account. In other words, these services provide you credit card processing facility, something that every customer looks for.

Whatever be the nature of your business or however small it is, you cannot do without credit card processing facility. In the absence of proper merchant services, your market share will be taken away by your competitors. So, the most logical way to increase your revenue and customer satisfaction is by opening a merchant account. You can get it directly from any local bank or from merchant account providers.

AMS (AMS) provides all kinds of merchant accounts to meet the needs of all kinds of businesses. It lets you choose from retail merchant accounts, check services, mail and telephone based merchant accounts, wireless and mobile credit card processing and last but not least internet Credit Card Processing" for e-commerce operations. The company provides retail merchant accounts and internet merchant accounts at the same rates and fees. Besides, it offers the following:

  • All-in-one swipe terminals with printers by manufacturers such as Lipman, Nurit, Hypercom and Verifone at highly affordable prices. These are for the retail businesses. The terminals are available with lifetime warranties and 24x7 technical support. The printers take out the print out of the receipts for your customers quickly. It is one of the safest mode of payments for them. Free credit card machines are also available.  
  • Touch-tone processors and wireless (cellphone) processors that can be used anywhere and at anytime for the seasonal and mobile merchants.
  • Latest credit card processing software from PC Charge and IC Verify to enable you to process credit cards from your personal computer.
  • payment gateway for its internet merchant accounts. It secures the online credit card processing by their clients.

Applying for an AMS merchant account is easy. You simply need to fill in and submit its online merchant account services application form. You get the account within 24 hours only. There is also no need for long term merchant account contracts with Advanced Merchant Services. It does not bind its clients with any contract. It just provides you the best merchant services in the industry for the growth of your business. For more information about its products and services, visit



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