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Touchtone Telephone Credit Card Processing

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Telephone Processing

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Discount Rate 2.45%
Transaction Fee 35¢
Statement Fee $10
Minimum $25
Application Fee NONE
Annual Fee NONE
Contract NONE
Cancellation Fee NONE
Set-Up Fee $49
Total Cost $49

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Making Receipts for Touchtone Transactions

Touchtone credit card transactions are processed via a telephone instead of a credit card terminal with a receipt printer. Since you will not have a credit card terminal with a printer you will need to make a credit card receipt for your customer manually. It is very important to get a signed credit card receipt for every transaction in order to prevent and avoid chargebacks and fraud. The most common devised use by touchtone merchants to quickly and easily make a credit card receipt is a manual credit card imprinter. Manual credit card imprinters are inexpensive and perfect for making receipts quickly and on the run.

Touchtone Alternatives

If you are looking for a portable credit card processing solution the only other merchant account that will afford you the same on-the-go verification is a wireless merchant account. The equipment cost for a wireless merchant account will be higher, but the rates and fees will be lower. The Lipman Nurit 8000 and Lipman Nurit 3010 are the credit card machines to look for.
If you are looking for a merchant account with low start-up fees, but aren't too concerned about portability we would strongly suggest our free credit card machine offer. Not only will you eliminate start-up costs, but you will also be able to get lower rates and fee!

Touchtone Merchant Account Overview

A touchtone merchant account allows you to process credit card transaction from any touchtone telephone including cellular phones, pay phones, and land-line phones. The extremely lost start-up cost of only $75 makes a touchtone account a low-cost alternative to the more expensive equipment costs associated with a wireless merchant account.
Touchtone accounts are most often used by businesses or individuals that have a need to process credit card transactions while on the go, or for merchants who do not want to higher start-up costs associated with purchasing a credit card terminal.

How a Touchtone Account Operates

Processing credit cards using a touchtone merchant account is a snap! Once you are approved for your account you will be given a special toll-free number along with instructions that will tell you how to use the system. When you need to process a credit card simply call the toll-free number and follow the voice commands to begin the process. You will be asked for your identification PIN number, the transaction information, and the customer's credit card information. You will enter all of this information using the keypad on your touchtone phone. After you enter the transaction information the system will process the credit card and verbally tell you whether the credit card is approved or declined. If approved, you will also be read an authorization that should be recorded on the customer's signed receipt.
The touchtone system operates quickly and allows you to process a transaction in just a couple of minutes.

Is There a Contract or Cancellation Fee?

No. None of the competitive merchant accounts that we offer have a contract or cancellation fee. You are free to cancel your touchtone merchant account at any time without penalty. Of course, our number one goal is your complete satisfaction. Please don't cancel your merchant account without first giving us a chance to work with you!