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Nurit 8320U

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Nurit 8320U

Rates starting as low as 1.29% for swiped transactions and 1.89% for keyed.
There are no contracts or cancellation fees with any AMS merchant account.

Purchase: $395
AMS is only able to offer our extremely low terminal pricing to customers who sign up for our cost saving merchant account. Call an experienced AMS sales representative to receive a FREE rate quote today!

Just like the Nurit 8320, but with a battery back-up.

As a compact, all-in-one countertop POS, the NURIT 8320U is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Exceptionally secure, reliable and easy-to-handle, this flexible unit includes a secure internal PIN Pad, high speed modem, and quiet fast thermal printer, as well as magnetic card swipe, Smart Card reader, and privacy shield. Retailers with frequent PIN transactions may prefer the convenient option of a terminal plus external PIN Pad.

A multi-application environment supports the use of a range of applications, including EMV credit and debit, loyalty, gift and proprietary cards and enables value-added applications such as prepaid services. Meeting MasterCard® and Visa® PED requirements, it assures secure transactions as well as secure software downloads, prevents inter-application data access, and is tamper-resistant, tamper-evident and tamper-responsive, preventing fraudulent intrusion and corruption.

Low cost of ownership is assured through complete application and external device compatibility, rapid transaction processing and software downloading, and economical migration to EMV during transition to chip and PIN.

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