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At AMS, we constantly monitor our competitor's merchant account services so you always receive low pricing on name brand credit card processing solutions!  Should you find a better price on anything we sell simply Price Bust our competition by 5% and save even more!  At AMS, our low pricing also includes superior 24/7 customer service and support long after the sale. Browse our website and discover why we're your #1 choice for credit card acceptance services in the U.S.A. regardless of  business type, size, or processing volume.
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Our dedication to be the best in the merchant account industry started when we first went online over 9 years ago.  Our philosophy is simple. Stay committed to the customer and offer the best possible service at the best possible price both before and after the sale. We are also ongoing members of the Better Business Bureau and pride ourselves in having only satisfied customers.

There is much more to credit card processing than most customers realize.  We quickly educate you as to how our AMS Merchant Account Advantage approach far surpasses any other credit card processing service you may find.  We can become your true business partner so you can do what you do best and leave the credit card processing, credit card machines, and credit card terminal worries with us.

Hassle Free Credit Card Acceptance
Easily accept major credit cards including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, bank ATM, debit cards, corporate cards, and even checks.  Bypass the usual hassles and stringent guidelines imposed by other credit card companies and local banks who are simply "middlemen" up-charging you every step of the way. 

Learn for yourself why we're unmatched
in the credit card processing industry. Compare us to any other merchant services provider and you'll see why you should sign up with AMS in complete confidence.

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Credit Card Machines w/ Printers
Credit Card Machines
Best Buy - T7 Plus!  New technology do it all machine blows away similar models and keeps your business current for years to come!

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Internet Merchant Accounts


Best Buy - Internet  Instantly accept credit cards on your web site, and sky rocket sales with the Authorize.net system!

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Wireless Merchant Account
Wireless Merchant Account
Now Only $687!
Best Buy - Nurit 8000   Process credit cards any where you have a cell phone signal with the Nurit 8000!!

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PC Credit Card Processing
PC Credit Card Processing Best Buy - PC Charge Use your PC to process credit cards and increase your bottom line!. 

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Touchtone Telephone Processing
Best Buy - Phone Charge  Process using any touch-tone telephone, including cell phones. 

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