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Free Reprogramming on All Merchant Accounts

Advanced Merchant Services offers complimentary reprogramming on all credit card processing equipment.

With free credit card machine offers, no application fees, and free merchant account and equipment reprogramming you can apply for a merchant account to accept credit card without paying a dime.

Many merchant service providers charge expensive application fees, equipment reprogramming fees, and other unnecessary start-up fees. In order to offer the best possible merchant account packages available, AMS waives all merchant account start-up fees. Many of our customers are weary of the fact that we are able to offer such competitive rates and fees without having to charge hefty up-front fees. The fact of the matter is that these fees are not necessary. Merchant providers that charge these large up front fees are doing it because the fees they charge are pure profit. At AMS we are concerned with offering the best possible merchant accounts available. We are not concerned with charging large reprogramming fees and other unnecessary fees that raise the costs to our valued customers.

If you already own a merchant account terminal AMS can program our merchant accounts into your existing equipment and have you taking advantage of our low rates and fees within 24 hours.