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AMS Advantage
Mail Order Merchant Account

All AMS mail order/telephone order merchant accounts feature the AMS Advantage and a best price guarantee. If you find a lower price on any equipment that we offer we will be it with our Price Bust policy no questions asked.

   1  1.89% Processing Rate

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Debit Rate 1.89%
Transaction Fee 30¢
Statement Fee $8
Minimum $15
Application Fee NONE
Set-Up Fee FREE

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   2  Free Gateway

Pay nothing to open a merchant account !

Free Gateway

Discount Rate 2.25%
Transaction Fee 30¢
Statement Fee $8
Minimum $25
Gateway Fee FREE
24/7 Customer Support FREE
Total Start-Up Cost $0

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Mail Order Merchant Account Frequently Asked Questions
General Merchant Account FAQ

What is a mail order/telephone order merchant account?
A processor considers a mail order merchant account to be an account where the majority of credit card transactions are processed when the customer and the credit card are not present. This means that the merchant manually enters the customer's credit card information on a credit card terminal, or another piece of credit card processing equipment.

Why are the rates and fees high for a mo/to account than they are for a retail account?
Because the customer and the credit card are not present when a transaction is processed credit card processors consider mail order accounts to be higher risk than retail merchant accounts. The higher risk associated with the account is the reason for the higher rates and fees.

Is an Internet merchant account the same as a mail order merchant account?
Internet merchant accounts have the same rates and fees as a mail order account but the equipment used to process credit card transactions is different. An Internet account utilizes an Authorize.net payment processing gateway to process real-time transactions where a typical mail order account is set-up with a credit card terminal.