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Benefits of Merchant Services

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Benefits of Merchant Services

Ever since the boom of e-commerce, online businessmen realized the importance of processing a merchant account, that was both flexible and hundred percent reliable. The merchant services at AMS are user friendly and provide benefits.
A merchant account is a special account provided by a bank or a merchant account procession unit, where finances from sales through credit card is routed and held before it’s further transferred to personal business account of the businessman. Any businessman who desires to accept credit cards orders has to have a merchant account for accepting payments through credit cards and electronic payments. 

At Advanced Merchant Services it has been our constant endeavor to provide our patrons with the lowest possible rates. This is the reason why we constantly monitor our competitor’s merchant accounts. So if you ever find a cheaper rate on anything offered by us just click the Price bust section and let us know where you found that better rate and we will immediately beat it by 5%. This applies on all the products and services offered by AMS. The merchant services at AMS is both pocket friendly and user friendly which means that you will never be asked to fork out money for calling customer service. Our customers are welcome to call us anytime, any day with their queries. Our qualified executives are trained to deal with all sorts of issues ranging from terminal and technical support, security issues and much more.

It couldn’t be easier to apply for a merchant account. Apply for our services by filling in the simple merchant account application. The two step merchant account application can be filled absolutely free cost and without any obligation. The great thing about AMS is that the client is not required to sign expensive and lengthy merchant account contracts. We are proud of the fact that our clients value our service and we do everything to make their job easier. We feel that one satisfied customer paves the way to getting ten other customers. It is for this reason that we offer a complete money back guarantee to everyone after they have signed up. 

AMS is backed by a conglomeration of the largest processing banks in the United States of America. So it really doesn’t matter if you need to process $1,000 or $10,000,000 a month, your finances is safe with AMS. Just log onto www.merchantaccounts.co and get the feeling of absolute security.


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