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Process credit card transactions using your existing wireless phone.
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The AIRCHARGE® processing systems makes it possible for you to use your existing data-enabled cellular phone to swipe credit card transactions on the go and receive a low retail processing rate. The AIRCHARGE system can be configured to accommodate all different business types by accepting tips and gratuity, recording invoice numbers, as well as many other helpful features.

The AIRCHARGE® system is installed right over the wireless network that you phone currently operates on. Hardware and software is completely interchangeable between all compatible cellular phones and carries making switching cell phones of providers a breeze if the need should ever arise. As usual, AMS offers the guaranteed lowest prices on all AIRCHARGE® products and services. If you find a lower price or processing rate for any AIRCHARGE® services of products elsewhere simply let one of our helpful sales representatives know and we will beat that price with no questions asked.


The AIRCHARGE® NPM swiper attaches directly to the side of your mobile phone and operates off of the phone's power supply. This solution allows you to quickly and easily swipe credit cards using your mobile phone. The AirCharge NPM does not have an electronic printer unit.
Purchase: $225


AIRCHARGE® ASM Swiper / Printer Combination Unit
The AIRCHARGE® ASM is sleek and durable enough to carry anywhere without obstructing the user. The swiper/printer combination comes complete with a leather case that attaches directly to your belt making swiping credit card transactions and printing receipts a breeze. The ASM has an internal rechargeable battery and comes complete with a tabletop and cigarette lighter battery charger.
Purchase: $395


AIRCHARGE® DM2 Swiper / Printer Combination Unit
The AIRCHARGE® DM2 is an all-in-one swiper/printer combination with an internal rechargeable battery. The entire unit attaches directly to you mobile phone making the unit very easy to use and manage. Package includes a charger for the battery.
Price: $395.00


AIRCHARGE® AM Swiper / Printer Combination Unit
The AirChargeAIRCHARGE® AM runs off of the cigarette lighter power supply in any vehicle. The swiper/printer combination makes processing credit cards and printing receipts a snap. Price: $299

AIRCHARGE® works with all of these major cellular providers:
Cincinnati Bell
Southern LINC

The benefits that AIRCHARGE offers over tradiotional wireless systems speak for themselves
  • AIRCHARGE software and hardware is among the lowest cost solutions on the market
  • More features than any other solution to provide the ability to process payments in the field
  • Swiped and debit card transactions (non-pin based debit cards)
  • Multiple front-end processors supported
  • Save on fees paid to the processor (manually entered vs. swiped transactions)
  • Configurable features: Tip entry, order / invoice, other amount entry, reprints, duplicate printing, and disable refund options
  • Product offerings: choose from swipe card reader only or swipe card reader/printer integrated units
  • Manual transaction capability uses AVS security
  • Portable! Pick up the phone and take your payment processing on the road
  • Real-time internet based transaction reporting and processing included
  • Automated batch settlement (e-mail sent after batch closure/Settlement to your email)
  • No phone line installation needed at trade shows or outdoor sales events
  • Know if a card is approved or declined at the point of sale
  • Reduce fraud from charge backs
  • Speed up cash flow

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