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Cost of Leasing a Credit Card Machine

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Cost of Leasing a Credit Card Machine

Credit card machine helps businessmen and storekeepers to accept and process credit card payments safely and efficiently. Ever since credit cards first became popular, businessmen have been under pressure to offer their clients the flexibility of using plastic money to make their payments. Those who couldn’t were either stagnated or perished. Small time businessmen especially the storekeepers felt that offering this additional payment option, were draining them of their precious funds. A decade back credit card processing was a comparatively expensive proposition. Third party merchant service providers had not yet entered the market and there no other institutions, other than banks to offer credit card processing services. Banks were and still are more expensive as compared to all other merchant service providers. In such a situation spending a thousand dollars to purchase credit card terminals was definitely a back breaking burden for most businessmen with limited resources.

For such people the only viable option was to lease the machine instead of buying it. Leasing the machine lowered their initial investments. It often took less than $35 to get into a lease and accelerate the process of accepting credit cards. Getting into lease however increased the total cost of the machine by almost 50%. This might have been a necessary burden a decade back, but things have definitely changed now. In the last couple years, with more and more manufacturers entering the field, credit cards machines have become more affordable than ever. There has been a drop in the prices and this has allowed more and more people to purchase the credit card terminals, instead of leasing them.

Now you too can get the best possible deals on credit card machines by logging onto website of Advanced Merchant Services. AMS has been leading the merchant account industry since the last nine years and wields and incredible clout over its competitors. This becomes apparent by the Price Bust option offered by AMS. By using this option you can browse through the website of all our competitors, and compare their prices with ours. If you ever come across a lower price, just let us know and we will immediately beat it by 5%.

Moreover, we are also offering a free credit machine with every new merchant account. By visiting our credit card terminals section, you can browse through our huge selection of models. Whatever be your budget, you will definitely be able to find a machine to suit your needs. However it’s the Nurit 8000 that is currently the terminal of choice for most businessmen. However, if you feel you don’t need such an advanced credit card terminal there is the Hypercom T7 Plus Credit Card Machine, which has all the necessary features and can be yours at very low price. To know more about our services, visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co


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