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Credit card machine - a simple way to accept payment from the customers

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Credit card machine - a simple way to accept payment from the customers

As per an article in the Forbes magazine, if as an online businessman you can’t process credit cards, then you are losing as much as 75% of potential customers to your competitors who offer credit card payments. This is not only true in the online arena but in the real world situation as well. The more payment options you are able to offer the more customers you will attract. Due to direct payroll deposit, most Americans have started carrying less cash in their person, depending wholly on cards (usually debit cards) to pay for their purchases. This means even if you are selling low-priced items you run the risk of turning away as much as half your customers by refusing to accept credit cards.

It is due to this reason, that most businessmen have started purchasing credit card machines to process credit and debit card payments. Now a couple of years back, credit card machines were expensive and most merchants preferred getting them on lease. But things have changed now. With increased competition, there has been a fall in the prices of the terminals and merchants can now easily purchase them with a one time payment.

Now by logging onto Advanced Merchant Services, you can browse though our huge selection of credit card machines. Whichever model you looking for, whatever be your budget you will surely find them on our site. Moreover, you can be assured of being offered the lowest prices in the industry. You verify this claim by using the Price Bust option on our website. Browse through the website of all our competitors, and if you are ever offered a lower price, just let us know and we will immediately beat it by 5%.

In addition to this if you apply for a merchant account through AMS (AMS), you also become entitled to receive a free credit card machine. On our website you will find all the models of the credit card machines currently sold in the United States. This includes the entire Lipman Nurit range including the Nurit 8000, which is hailed by many as one of best credit card terminals in the market. There are a number of inexpensive models that are both handy and have all the necessary features. This includes the Hypercom T7P and the   Hypercom T7P Plus, the Thales Talento EFT and the Verifone 3730 & 3730LE. To find out more about our services log onto www.merchantaccounts.co


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