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Credit card machines for credit card processing

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Credit card machines for credit card processing

A reliable and an efficient merchant account can do wonders to a business. In essence, a merchant account helps a businessman to offer multiple payment options to the customers thereby helping him increase his customer base. It really doesn’t matter whether you operate in the online or offline environment, or take telephonic orders; the ability to offer your clients’ the flexibility to pay with their credit/debit cards will definitely have a positive impact on your business. AMS offers a variety of credit card machines, to suit the needs different businesses and operating environments.

To accept payments through credit /debit cards, a businessman needs to apply for a merchant account with a merchant service provider. Whether you approach a bank, a third party credit card processor or apply in an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) make sure the merchant account processes all kinds of plastic and electronic payments including electronic checks, gift cards, PayPal and other similar payment options.  Technicalities aside; there are basically three kinds of credit card machines:

  • Traditional terminal: These basic machines have a magnetic reader, a small LCD screen and a keypad to enter prices and other information. The newer versions also have an inbuilt printer.
  • Wireless credit card Terminal: These are lightweight handy models preferred by businessmen who are always on the move. But for stationary businesses, wireless credit card machines are a needless expense.
  • Virtual terminals: For those operating in the online environment, they have no need for credit card machines but credit card processing software that completes the credit card transaction.

Now by logging onto the website of Advanced Merchant Services you can browse through our huge online portal displaying most advanced models of credit card machines. Our selection is huge and with us, you can always be assured of the getting the lowest possible price in the market. The website of Advanced Merchant Services (AMS) has unique feature known as the Price Bust Option. You can use this option to browse through the sites of our competitors. If you ever come across a site that offers you lower payment options just let us know and we will immediately beat it by 5%. This includes credit card terminals as well. More importantly, we are also offering a free credit card machine with every new merchant account. This will really help small and midsized businesses save those precious bucks that they would have otherwise spent on a new credit card machine. To find out more about the various products and services being offered by AMS log onto www.merchantaccounts.co


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