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Credit Card Machines - The tool for accepting credit card

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Credit Card Machines - The tool for accepting credit card

Credit card terminals once novelty feature found only in speciality stores and high end commercial establishments, but have become a common sight in almost every retail store and restaurant. Credit card machines help businessmen and storekeepers accept and process credit card payments safely and efficiently. While they are a comparatively small purchase in terms of dollars, the difference they can make to your business is really huge. It’s interesting to note that most merchant service providers usually charge half a percent more to process keyed-in transactions than for charged in transactions. So if your terminal is no longer able to swipe cards as well as it used to it could be costing you money.

Credit card machine completes payment transactions within half a second. They are undoubtedly one of most useful tool that a merchant can use to increase his business. However, it’s important that a businessman updates his credit card machine to keep up with the changing trends in the market. It has been noticed, that some of the older credit card machines are not able to process debit cards. Debit cards are preferred by a lot of customers for making mid sized payments, so it’s essential for you to have the newer versions of credit card machines that are able to process debit cards.

A smart and advanced looking credit card machine also serves as an eye candy for shoppers. They tend to be impressed by credit card machine that are aesthetically attractive. Moreover, most consumers are concerned about credit card frauds and other complications tend to feel safe if they see their cards being swiped by sleek and sophisticated looking card terminals. So if you still operating with those manual credit card imprinters, it’s high time you contemplated changing your machine.

By logging onto Advanced Merchant Services, you can browse though our entire collection of credit card machines. Whichever model or version of credit card machine you are looking for, you will definitely find it on our site. Advanced Merchant accounts (AMS) also features the unique Price Bust Option on the website. Through this feature you can compare the prices of credit card machines and merchant accounts offered by us with our competitors. And if you ever come across a lower price, we will immediately beat it by 5%. Moreover, we are also offering a free credit card terminal with every new merchant account. This will help you in keeping your initial investments on your merchant account as low as possible. To find out more about this unique offer, visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co.


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