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Wireless Credit Card Terminal

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Wireless Credit Card Processing Terminals

Does your business demand wireless payment processing? These swipe terminals are power-packed and will provide you with the flexibility you desire.

Lipman Nurit 3010 Terminal
All-in-one mobile processing and printing
Only $699
Nurit 3010
Lipman Nurit 8000 Terminal
Ultimate in wireless processing; hand-held unit
Only $687
Nurit 8000

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AMS guarantees the lowest prices on wireless credit card terminals, and all of the credit card processing equipment that we offer.

If you find a lower price on any of the credit card machines that we sell we will beat that price by 5% - no questions asked! Simply add the wireless or other terminal that you wish to purchase to the shopping cart and let us know where you found the lower price. Per the AMS Price Bust guarantee we will instantly beat that price by 5%.

How Wireless Terminals Operate

Wireless credit card terminals operate on a cellular network and function much like a cellular phone. Just like with cellular phones, it is possible for a wireless credit card terminal to not have service. Fortunately, AMS uses Cingular Wireless as service provider for their wireless terminal operations. Especially since their merger with AT&T, Cingular has one of the largest wireless networks in the United States.

Wireless Signal Coverage

As noted above, AMS utilized the vast wireless coverage area of Cingular Wireless to render service for their wireless credit card terminals. The majority of our merchants never have an issue with non-coverage, but as with any merchant service provider this is a remote possibility. Not to worry! AMS sells the top-of-the-line Lipman Nurit wireless credit card machines. All Lipman Nurit credit card machines such as the Nurit 3010, and the latest and greatest Nurit 8000 are able to do something called store-and-forward. In the rare event that a terminal is not able to pick-up a wireless signal you will still be able to accept credit cards and take advantage of the low swiped rate that is associated with a retail merchant account. Once you swipe a transaction the terminal will store the information is memory so that it can forward the information to the processor when it is able to pick-up a wireless signal. Hence the name, store-and-forward.

Wireless Merchant Account Rates & Fees

A wireless merchant account has the same rates and fees as a retail merchant account because both accounts are considered card present accounts.