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Do you need a Merchant Account?

Nowadays, any business that is bigger than a mom and pop store needs to get a merchant account.  A merchant account allows businessmen to accept credit card payments. These accounts transfer the currency from the consumer’s credit card account in the merchant banks account. These days most consumers prefer to shop using their credit/debit cards and if you can’t afford to turn down customers just because of their inability to pay in cash, you better do your business a favor and apply for a merchant account.

Merchant accounts lead to safe and quick financial transactions and give a rapid boost to most businesses. Moreover, they drastically cut back on paper work, phone calls, marketing and operating costs. They also help you save on labor costs for endless entry of data. The type of business you own dictates the kind of merchant account you apply for. There are basically three types of merchant accounts – Retail, Internet and mail/ telephone orders.    

Retail merchant accounts are for those businesses that operate in the real world environment and see their customers face to face. The processing fees for retail merchants are the lowest, because personally swiped orders have the least risk of frauds and chargebacks. Internet merchant accounts are perfect for those who operate in the online environment. Internet merchant accounts come with an Internet gateway as their merchant solution. A gateway allows for real time card processing that is automatically handled when the customer enters the credit card number. Processing fees for Internet merchant accounts are higher because of greater risk of frauds. If you are receiving orders through mail, fax or phone you will need to apply for a virtual terminal that will allow you to manually complete your transaction through the net. The information entered by you will be carefully processed, and the money will be wired into your business account within two to three business days.

By logging onto the Advanced Merchant Services you can browse through the various merchant account options and select the one that suits the needs of your business best. There are several unique advantages of applying for an account with AMS. AMS, is the only company that offers the Price Bust option in their website. Through it you can browse through the website of all our competitors and if you find a site offering you a lower rate we will immediately beat it by 5%. Moreover, we are also offering a free credit card machine with every new merchant account opened with us. So, visit our site at www.merchantaccounts.co for any information you may require on merchant services.


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