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Guide to Choosing Merchant Accounts

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Guide to Choosing Merchant Accounts

Choosing merchant account, like shopping, involves looking around, comparing various features, prices and services provided by merchant account providers. You have a choice of opening a merchant account with a bank or with private merchant services providers. But, whichever you choose, ensure that it suits your business needs.

The Internet is flooded with numerous merchant accounts providers but to narrow in on the one that is right for you, you need to do a little research. To start with, make enquiries to some of the merchant services providers. You can get a good idea about the services provided, by the kind of response you receive. Take timely and unambiguous response as a green light signal and proceed ahead. Study the various charges levied and see its suitability for your business. In particular note if/how much the merchant accounts provider charges for –

  • Application fees - for the application process
  • Setup fees - fees once your application has been accepted
  • Statement - fees charged for issuing monthly transaction statement
  • Transaction fees - is it monthly, annually or per transaction
  • Discount rate - percentage deducted for each product sold
  • Fees for fraudulent transactions
  • Reserve that you need to maintain in your account.

Also look into these important aspects-

  • Approval rating - read reviews and feedbacks on the company site
  • Customer service
  • Reliability and level of security provided
  • Speed of service
  • Clauses in fine print

Your credit history is an important aspect that merchant accounts providing company will look into. Again, the acceptable level of credit history varies from one merchant services provider to another. If you find it difficult to find a service provider who accepts your credit history, the services of a broker could alleviate your problem. You may have to pay the broker an up front fee or a per transaction fee.

Whatever be your type of business or whatever your credit history, AMS guides and helps you to select a solution that is right for you. Your business can benefit from advanced and flexible features such as credit card processing solutions, 90-day price match offer, absence of early cancellation fees and speedy online applications among many others. Sophisticated credit card machines from AMS also make for an efficient terminal. Rest assured that you always receive the best possible price on credit card processing solutions at AMS. Your worries of finding a reliable and efficient merchant services provider ends right here - at AMS.


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