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How to get high risk Merchant Accounts

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How to get high risk Merchant Accounts

A risky venture demands an equally safe backup plan. And a high risk merchant account is an important part of your protection policy. So if you are involved in a high risk online business like online gaming and gambling, travel, and pharmaceuticals etc. you have to make sure that you are backed by a flexible and reliable high risk merchant account. However, finding a merchant service provider to cover a high risk venture may prove to be a challenging task. Most banks and financial institutions are wary of offering merchant services due to an increased risk of credit card frauds and other payment problems that are a part and parcel of high risk undertakings.

Now by logging onto merchantaccounts.cc and applying for a merchant account you will get a number of unique benefits your high risk enterprise deserves. Merchant accounts with AMS will give you the flexibility of offering multi currency transactions to your customers. This is an important feature for businesses that are spread outside the US and UK. Moreover you can call AMS customer support executives any time of the day and get all your queries answered. The customer support numbers of Advanced Merchant Services are toll free so you won’t be charged a penny for any of your calls. AMS moreover offers swift real-time processing and recognizes all major credit cards.

Most merchant service providers take up to several weeks to approve high risk merchant accounts. This is not the case with AMS. We greatly pride our ability to get most merchant accounts approved within 24 hours of their application. You won’t be required to wait or run around. 

As far as the rates are concerned, AMS offers the cheapest among all our competitors. This is not just a promise but a guarantee embedded in the official website. If you ever come across a merchant service provider offering a lower price than any of the goods and services offered by AMS we will beat it by 5%. All you need to do is to log on to the Price Bust section of the AMS website and mention the name of site that offering you the lower rate. No site is as pocket friendly as AMS. AMS unlike its competitors is backed by largest conglomeration of processing banks in the United States of America. So whether you need to process thousand dollars or a million, your account is absolutely secure with Advanced Merchant Services. Visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co and cut the risk factor in your business by half.


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