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How to get Free Internet Merchant Accounts

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How to get Free Internet Merchant Accounts

Any online business that wants to survive and flourish in the immensely competitive online sector must be ready to ready to accept online credit card payments. This makes a merchant account, an absolute necessity. Even if you own a small Internet based business, you can earn larger profits by applying for a merchant account. But if till now you have shirked away from getting a merchant account due to its seeming high costs, then you have the option of applying for a free internet merchant account. A free internet merchant account can be yours by taking the services, of a third-party merchant processing company.

By applying free Internet merchant accounts you are basically authorising the company to accept payments own your behalf. A particular amount gets deducted as commission, and the rest gets transferred safely into your personal account. The commission is also called processing fee. This is basically how most third party service providers make their profits, thereby allowing them to offer you the leeway of zero initial costs.

Usually, the fee charged by a third party merchant service provider is a little higher than normal internet merchant accounts; this like other things can be negotiated. Not all third party merchant service providers offer free Internet merchant accounts. Some may charge a nominal fee. But the bigger players in the market will let you have a merchant account without levying any initial charges. So while going for a free Internet merchant account it’s always better to accept services from bigger, more reputed companies.

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