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How to maintain your Merchant Account

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How to maintain your Merchant Account

As most of you would agree, choosing the right merchant account can be a tough task. Having toiled long and hard to find the right merchant service provider, you must now make sure you keep a careful tab on your merchant account. Most businessmen make the fatal error of not paying enough attention to their merchant account. As rules change and as the rates and fees are slowly increased, the monthly expense of maintaining the account rises beyond their initial expectation. Eternal vigilance is the price of not being taken for a ride. It has often been the case that by the time the businessman wakes up to the inflated bills and starts calculating and comparing the rates and fees, he has already been duped of thousands of dollars.

When rates are increased without notification or proper justification and when new regulations are introduced by credit card associations without informing the businessmen, your merchant account gets affected, and consequently, becomes more expensive. This process is known as merchant account degradation. The key to self preservation is not letting your merchant account degrade in the first place. Here are a few things that you can do to maintain an optimum merchant account.

  • You should carefully read through your monthly merchant account statement and get all ambiguities clarified from the customer support executives.
  • Merchant service providers are required by the law to inform their clients of any changes before introducing them in their accounts. These notifications should be prominently mentioned in the front page. Always make sure that you go through these information.
  • As you must know, there are as many as three different discount rates that you may be charged to process your transactions. Keep a careful tab on these discount rates to make sure that your transactions are running through the lowest qualified rates.

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