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ICVERIFY Processing Software

ICVERIFY is great to use with either an AMS retail merchant account or mail order merchant account.

Debit rates starting as low as 1.29% for swiped transactions and 1.89% for keyed.
There are no contracts or cancellation fees with any AMS merchant account.

to download a demonstration version of ICVERIFY now.

Purchase: $199
AMS is only able to offer our extremely low terminal pricing to customers who sign up for our cost saving merchant account. Call an experienced AMS sales representative to receive a FREE rate quote today!

Spotlight Features
  • Reports are created in easy-to-read formats
  • Supports Address Verification Services (AVS), CVV2 and CVC2, minimizes fraud due to stolen
    or fraudulent credit cards
  • Perfect solution for retail, mail and phone order merchants
  • ICVERIFY software is one of the most comprehensive payment processing products available for merchants. Using any personal computer or PC-based electronic cash register (ECR), ICVERIFY will process all payment types. This includes credit, debit, check, purchase cards, and private label cards. ICVerify incorporates powerful import features that allow you to load multiple transactions into the solution at once.

    ICVERIFY will operate on any Windows operating system. Minimum requirements: 200 mhz processor, 64 MB RAM, 40 MB Hard Drive, dedicated phone line, modem, and CD-Rom.

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