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Increase reputation of the company with credit card processing

Whether you own a large business or a small single store proprietorship, it is important that you have a merchant account to add a stamp of credibility and reliability to your name. Merchant accounts enable you to conduct secure and rapid payments across large distances. A business operating through merchant accounts is generally considered safer. Customers are aware that businesses with a poor credit record or a dubious history find it really difficult to get merchant accounts. It is because of this that credit card processing makes it easier for you attract customers and get bigger orders. 

Imagine a retail store displaying the logos of Visa, Master Card, and other major credit cards signaling that it accepts all these credit cards. A customer immediately feels at ease, especially if he/she is entering a specialty store to make a large purchase.

In the online environment, the rules of the physical world go for a toss. Online shoppers are a cagey lot. They simply can’t trust online businesses that don’t offer credit card payment options. So, if you feel that you can operate though checks or through PayPal, you are sadly mistaken. Checks are considered redundant and few people trust PayPal. Moreover, a website that has a credit card processing system and the shopping cart option are able to make it easy and convenient for online shoppers to calculate their total expenses and enjoy the shopping experience.

Advanced Merchant Services is the biggest merchant service provider in the United States. By associating with AMS, you can reap a number of unique benefits that will give your business an immediate financial boost. For example, only AMS offers the Price Bust option through which you can surf through websites of all our competitors and do a detailed price comparison. If during your research, you come across a site that’s offering lower rates that AMS, just let us know and we will immediately beat it by 5%. Moreover, we are also offering a free credit card terminal with every new merchant account. In addition to this, AMS also offers a rebate of $200 to all merchants who process $10000 or more during any of their first three months with AMS. Unlike its competitors who operate through agents and middlemen, AMS deals directly with processing banks in order to keep down the costs for our customers. So do visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co for any further information.


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