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How Internet Merchant Account can save your money

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How Internet Merchant Account can save your money

Let’s assume that you own a business and are pretty happy with your profits. Despite this, you feel it its high time you took your business to the next level by starting to accept customers who want pay with their cards. So whether, you want to purchase a credit card machine or open a website to woo online customers, you will need get yourself a merchant account. In case of the latter, you will need to apply for an Internet merchant account. Applying for an Internet merchant account is cheaper in the sense that you won’t be required to purchase expensive credit card terminals, but will instead be given a payment getaway and downloadable software that will allow you add the shopping cart option to your site. However, as online shopping carry a greater risk of frauds and chargebacks, the amount charged by the service provider for Internet merchant accounts is higher than offline accounts.

However, you can still save up on a lot of cash by choosing the right merchant service providers. This may take a bit of waiting and some amount of in-depth research and followed by a several rounds of negotiation, but the effects are well worth the efforts put in. Just imagine a particular merchant service provider charging 40 cents per transaction and another charging 25 cents, then by signing up with the latter you are already saving 15 cents. So if you process 1000 transactions a month you will actually be saving $1, 2000 a year.

So if you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars on fees charged by merchant service providers, just logon to the website of Advanced Merchant Services. AMS (AMS), is one of leading Internet Merchant service providers operating online world. We have been providing our clients, with flawless services since the last nine years. By signing up with AMS, you are guaranteed the lowest prices in the industry. You can put this claim of ours to test by clicking the Price Bust option. The price bust option will take you to the website of all our clients and if you ever come across a site offering you lower prices, just let us know and we will immediately beat it by 5%.

In addition to this we are also offering a rebate of $200 to any merchant who process $10,000 or more during any of their first three months with AMS. To cap it all we are also offering you the Authorize.Net Payment processing gateway, which is the securest gateway in market absolutely free with Internet Package 4. To find out more about our services, do visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co.


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