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Internet Merchant Account - an ecommerce solution

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Internet Merchant Account - an ecommerce solution

The amount of choices when it comes to accepting online payments has made ecommerce one of the most profitable syllabi for entrepreneurs. Choices for accepting online payments range from “do it yourself” programs to al inclusive turnkey packages. There are two basic ways of accepting online payments:

Accepting Payments Online via Internet merchant account, allows you to control everything regarding a financial transaction. This makes you rely less on outside payment acceptance services, which is something that most online merchant prefer. With an Internet merchant account, you will also need a additional things like a shopping cart feature, a host sit, a payment processor and of course a secure payment gateway.

Accepting payments online via an Internet merchant account puts you in control and limits your reliability on outside payment acceptance services. This approach can also seem like a jigsaw puzzle. Besides an Internet merchant account, you will need shopping cart software, a store or site host, a processor, and a secure payment gateway. Then comes the question of fees. There are number of fees and charges attached to Internet merchant accounts, which makes it rather difficult to compare the costs of two different merchant service providers.

However, if you want to get the best of both worlds, i.e. excellent services and affordable prices log onto the website of Advanced Merchant Services. AMS has been dominating the online merchant accounts industry since the last nine years and is moreover, an ongoing member of the Better Business Bureau. By signing up for an internet merchant account you will be entitled some unique advantages that aren’t offered by any other site. Firstly, you can apply for merchant account without feeling the compelled to sign expensive contracts and pay hefty termination fees. In addition to this you will also be awarded a reward of $200 dollars if you process $10000 or more during any one of your first three months.

AMS is also offering a free credit card terminal with every new merchant account. And if you apply for Internet merchant account you become eligible for a free Authorize.Net payment gateway with Internet plan 4. Furthermore, you can call our tech support executives any day of the week on our toll free, whenever you need to get anything clarified. To find out more about our services, do visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co.


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