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Internet merchant accounts - accept credit payments online

If you have ever tried surfing Google, using the phrase “Internet merchant accounts” you must have been astounded by the results. Over four hundred thousand merchant service providers vying for your account, is likely to leave anyone dumbfounded. Some of these service providers provide services for all businesses irrespective of their domain of specialization. Whether you own a retail store, take order through phone or have a website based business, they process all types of payments. Then there are some that process payments, for any one of these of these three types of businesses. It’s however better, to go for those providers that provide all round payment processing services. It’s also important to check out with the service providers whether they process international payments in addition to domestic payments. These are some of the most basic things you need to be aware of, while deciding upon a merchant service provider.

In addition to above mentioned considerations, you also need to understand the three tier structure of merchant services. First there is the payment gateway which is the secret code that transmits a customer's order to internet merchant account provider. Then comes the merchant accounts, which is an account with a financial institution that basically enables you capture funds from the credit cards of your customers. The funds captured are transferred to your personal account within two to three business days. Then there’s your website, which you would need to integrate with your service providers. Most Internet merchant accounts service providers have detailed web integration instructions.

Then third part of your quest to the perfect Internet merchant service provider involves discovering the cost factor. There are a number of fees that are charged by merchant service providers. Some of them have no valid justification and are a part of the service providers money making scheme. Fee charges like termination fees and miscellaneous fees should be negotiated with the service provider. However, you can save yourself all this trouble by simply logging to Advanced Merchant Services.

Advanced Merchant Services (AMS), is one of the premier merchant service providers operating in the United States. We are a 360 degree service provider and are backed by the most powerful conglomeration of banks in the United States. More importantly, the unique advantages we offer can’t be aped any other site. Our position of absolute superiority in the field is reflected by the Price Bust option. Moreover, we are also providing a free credit card terminal with every new merchant account. To find out more about our services, do visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co.


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