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Make the right decision while accepting credit cards online

To accept online credit card payments, you need to acquire an Internet merchant account. Through this account, the credit card information will be passed on using a secure channel from the site of the businessman to the processing network. For an online businessperson, it can be pretty difficult to select the right merchant service provider, given the vast array of choices. Before you make your choice, you should make sure that you understand in considerable detail, the various components of internet card processing. Moreover, the merchant service provider you zero in on must be proficient in handling shopping cart services, payment forms, terminals, and also have reputed clientele of both small and big online players.

While choosing a merchant service provider, you should be sure that you will be able to trust the integrity of the service provider. In your hurry to accept credit cards online, there is a risk that you might sign up with a less than reliable merchant service provider. You should never take the various claims of a service company at its face value. Remember, while trying to make a sale, all representatives will send the right signals and do the right things. You need to look beyond the obvious to get at the truth. You can use some of these interesting and effective tricks to verify the honesty and dependability of a company.

  • If you find out that the service provider doesn’t have a real domain name and is using a free web hosting service, it means that they are either not well established or are on the verge of bankruptcy.
  • If every time you try their customer service number, you keep getting an answering machine reply, it means something is really wrong.
  • If they insist on making you sign expensive contracts, with high termination fees that binds you to them, it is better to stop right there and refuse to proceed any further. 

These are some of the obvious giveaways that should warn you about the integrity of a company. If you want, you can easily avoid this nerve racking experience and sign up for a merchant account with Advanced Merchant Services, the most reliable and efficient one. Advanced Merchant Services (AMS) has been operating in the online environment over the past nine years and has provided exemplary credit card services to its clients. AMS is an ongoing member of the Better Business Bureau, which is a testament to its integrity. Moreover, to make the process of accept credit cards easier and cheaper, AMS offers a free credit card machine to all its clients, at the time of opening the account. This will immediately save you around $300. Visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co to find more about our services.


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