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Merchant Account Basics

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Merchant Account Basics

A Merchant account is an account at a bank or financial institution that permits you to accept credit card payments. You can acquire a merchant account from a merchant account provider or your bank.

A merchant account helps in boosting your business as when your account can accept credit cards you get instant payments. The whole process of receiving a payment is simplified and speedy, as it takes a lot less time then the conventional method of receiving payments. The whole processing time of credit card payment through the credit card machine or online account is lot shorter than the conventional methods.

If you increase the number of payment options for your customer it helps your business to grow. In case you are an online businessman this option provides the customer ease as well as flexibility of shopping, which in the long run converts into repeat purchases. Today majority of customers prefer credit card payment therefore it makes prudent business sense to opt for merchant account or merchant accounts.

Before establishing a merchant account it is necessary to check the credentials of the merchant account or merchant services Provider Company that is trustworthy and provides secure services. For online businesses real time processing is the best solution as the charge from the client’s card is processed swiftly when the client places the order. The client or customer gets an email stating that the order has been processed and the money transfer is approved by the credit card company.

The credit card companies charge different fees for the credit card processing. The companies may charge an application fee, a monthly statement fee, an annual fee, a discount fee etc. The credit card company charges a transaction or the processing fee for each transaction that takes place. As different merchant account services charge different fees it is advisable that a thorough study is made before deciding which credit card processing company you choose. Make a monthly estimate of the current sales figure and project expenses.

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