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Merchant Accounts and other Payment Solutions

There are several online businessmen who think that they don’t need a merchant account and can easily carry out financial transaction using other payment processing option like Paypal, Authorize Net, WorldPay, No Chex, FastPay, Website Payment Pro, Barclaycard e PDQ and others. But do any of these options match up to the service quality and security offered by merchant account service providers.

The first argument favoring Merchant accounts is that it offers international transactions. Most other alternative payment options are restricted to inbound transactions. For example FastPay, No Chex and Barclaycard e PDQ can be used by British customers while Authorize Net and Website Payment Pro can only be used by people living in the United States. Then there are international processing options like Paypal and WorldPay that allow a businessman carry out international transactions. But the word international needs to be used in a limited sense, since even PayPal is not is available in not available in number of counties.

  • Moreover if currency conversion is involved, PayPal has its own conversion rate which it keeps changing depending on market conditions. This usually works out to about 5% more than the international bank rate.  
  • Moreover PayPal has a notorious reputation of withholding money over due to fickle reasons causing both parties a lot of undue stress.
  • Customers find it very hard to get in touch with PayPal representatives as they don’t give their contact numbers to their customers. But technical support staff of merchant services can be reached at all hours of the day, usually though toll free numbers.
  • But the most important difference that tilts the balance firmly in favor of merchant accounts is that the customers are not required to have a merchant account. This is not the case with PayPal where both the parties – the buyer and the seller are required to have PayPal accounts. This is a huge inconvenience for most people

So it’s obvious that merchant accounts offer the best services at convenient prices. Now by logging on to AMS you can find out about the number of other unique advantages offered by AMS. Advanced Merchant Services not only authorize your merchant account with 24 hours but will also provide you with a free credit card terminal with each new account. AMS also offers a rebate of $200 dollars to anyone who processes $10,000 in any of the first three months of the service. So log on to www.merchantaccounts.co experience the benefits of AMS.


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