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A merchant account helps a business to accept credit cards as payments. With the growing trend of online business the importance of merchant accounts have increase many folds as it offers a simple and fast payment accepting and processing solution. A merchant account lets the merchant or businessman accept credit card online, in person, on the phone or by mail order. The only requirement is a merchant account and credit card machines if you are accepting credit card in person. www.merchantaccounts.co is the site that provides merchant services to businessmen and is one of the best merchant account providers in the world.

A survey tells that a credit card processing service can help a business to increase its sales by an overwhelming 50% to 400%. To accept credit cards the merchant needs a reliable and safe merchant account provider and you also require an online form to accept credit cards and credit car machines.

www.merchantaccounts.co is one of the largest credit card processor in the USA. It provides merchant accounts along with additional features and facilities. The site offers Apply Now for merchant account solutions. The merchant service provides round the clock toll free support and the customer does not have to pay customer service fee as the toll free service is free of charge. The company offers merchant account support, terminal and technical support and deals with queries related to security issues.

The company assures complete customer satisfaction without the interference of any middleman. The customer is spared from signing any expensive and lengthy contracts and the only goal is customer satisfaction at all costs. The customer gets a complete money back guarantee after the initial sign up.

It also provides same day approval and there are no contracts or early cancellation charges. The company offers a transparent system and there are no hidden fees like the early cancellation fees etc. The site lists one of the best terminals by manufacturers like Verifone, Hypercom, Lipman Nurit etc.

It offers an interesting Instant Price Bust Technology Guarantee that insures that the customer gets a 5% rebate on the competitor’s price quoted by the customers. The company offers a free credit card machine to the customer with every type of merchant account.

www.merchantaccounts.co is the largest processing banks in America that provides safe and secure services. Visit the site to get more details about the merchant services being offered.

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