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Merchant Credit Card Services

There is a lot more to a merchant account than merely processing credit cards. A merchant account offers an online businessman with a number of convenient options which percolates down to the customers. By being able to offer extra convenience to your customers, you are able to build up your professional image and prove them that you own a mature and serious business enterprise. This is basically the reason why the act of gaining a merchant account has helped a number of businesses enhance their sales up to 40% or more within the very first month. But by signing up with Advanced Merchant Services you will get a lot more than just a powerful selling tool. The customized programs offered by us, will give you an easy access to the entire major credit cards network. Thus you will be provided with a unique customized solution that will make credit card processing as simple and economical as possible. At AMS you will be informed about everything that you need to know. There are no hidden charges or additional fees or other hassles.

The biggest advantage of signing up with advanced Merchant Services is the guarantee of always getting the lowest rates in the market. If you have been offered a lower price by our competitors just click the “Price Bust” section in our shopping cart and mention the competitor’s price and we will beat it by 5%. Moreover, we also offer our valued patrons with a free credit card machine with a new merchant account.

At Advanced Merchant Services, you have the option of choosing from the latest, most efficient payment processing equipment in the market today. So, whether you need to calculate your sales or just impress your customers with the flashiest, payment processing toys, AMS will take care of all your needs.

If you are currently in a position to accept credit cards and are keen to save hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars, Advanced Merchant Services can be of assistance. To lower your current fees just fill in a simple no cost, no obligation form and you will soon be contacted by an AMS representative. You will definitely get a better deal than the one you are getting now. You have absolutely nothing to loose and thousands to save. If the idea of filling up an online form sounds tedious, just call our sales department at this toll free number: . For further information visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co.


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