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Merchant Service: Easy, Cheap and Necessary

Accepting and processing credit card payments, are no longer an option but a norm for any business that wants to stay buoyant, in the immensely competitive world of 21st century business. In fact following an unprecedented increase in the number of websites, the unwritten rule of the online world is: no merchant accounts, no customers. It’s of course through merchant accounts that you can process the credit cards of their clients. It’s an accepted fact that businesses that accept major credit/debit cards are able to reap enormous benefits in the long run. So if you are indeed interested in acquiring more customers and sales, a credit card payment system can facilitate in enabling you do just that.

The online industry is just an extension of the offline world and faithfully imitates the rules. Surveys have proved that consumers, who see credit card acceptance signs outside a business or a retail store, immediately attach a degree of importance to it. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are symbols of prestige. By getting a merchant account, you are immediately able enter to big league. Similarly if your website has the logos of these four credit card giants, along with perhaps the PayPal logo, then surfers will prefer to shop at your site, than at those that ask them to pay through checks and demand drafts.

Finding a decent merchant service can be the easiest thing in the world if you know what exactly you are looking for. A good reliable merchant account is one that charges a low monthly rate, charges an acceptable processing fee, doesn’t make you sign expensive contracts and is willing to offer freebies and other facilities. An online research will take you to a number of exciting sites. But be sure to accept the services of one that you are able trust.

By logging onto AMS, you can find why thousands of American businesses have placed their trust in our company. Advanced Merchant Services (AMS), has been dominating the online arena since the last nine years. AMS has over the years carved a unique niche for itself and is backed by the biggest banks in USA. So whether you want to process $1000 or $1000000 a month you funds are absolutely safe with AMS. Moreover, AMS is an ongoing member of the Better Business Bureau, which is a testament to its ethical business practices. To find out more, do visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co.


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