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Merchant Service for all business types

Merchant accounts, credit card terminals, payment gateways and shopping carts – whether or online, the merchant account processing system can be pretty confusing for a lay person. However, the basics of the business are pretty simple and straightforward. If you own a business or a store located in a physical environment you need to apply for a retail merchant account. If you are conducting business through a website, you need to apply for an Internet Merchant account and if you are taking order through the telephone, you need to get yourself a mail order merchant account.

While the process of conducting credit cards transactions in the offline environment is understood by a majority of people, it’s the online process that sounds really confusing. By getting an Internet merchant account, you basically add the shopping cart option to your site. The person visiting your site clicks the “buy me” button after reviewing the sales copy. The selected item gets added onto the shopping cart. The customer then mentions the credit card number and other related details in the “Secure Order form” which travels in an encrypted format through a secure payment gateway.   The gateway routs the information to the relevant financial networks. Once the transaction has been approved the customer receives a “Thank You” page where the payment details and the product information is mentioned

Though you can apply for merchant service at your local bank, chances are that your request will be promptly rejected, especially if you want to apply for an Internet merchant service. This is due to the fact that a certain amount of risk is involved in accepting credit cards online. As the person is not physically present to sign the receipt, online frauds are definitely a possibility. As such you are better of applying for a merchant account from a specialist merchant services provider.

By logging onto Advanced Merchant Services, you can browse through the website of the most reliable name in the merchant accounts industry currently operating the United States. AMS, provides specialist merchant accounts for all types of businessmen. Irrespective of whether you are operating in the online or offline environment, AMS will provide you with a number of unique benefits that are not provided by any other company. By applying for a merchant account with AMS, you are entitled to a free credit card terminal. In addition to this you can use the Price Bust option, on our website to get the lowest prices on merchant services in the market. To find out more about our services, do visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co  


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