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Process of obtaining Merchant Accounts

Why do I need a merchant account, you may ask? Believe me if you are a businessman and want your business enterprise to flourish then you have to sign up with a merchant service provider. Merchant accounts are being used by million of businessmen all over the world and have enabled them to raise serious cash. A merchant account allows you to accept a wide variety of credit and debit cards from your customers. Most customers use either one of these four cards: Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. Most merchant accounts will enable you to accept any of these four cards. This will mean that you won’t be forced to refuse any customer who owns an incompatible credit/debit card.

Now in the physical world you still have the option of asking for cash. But if you desire to market your products online, you don’t have an option but to go for a merchant account. Most customers using the net for shopping prefer using their credit cards for online transactions. So if you can offer your customers the ease and security of paying with their credit cards they will definitely recommend your website to others.

Given the advantages of merchant accounts searching for the right service provider can be a harrowing experience. It will seem to you that most service providers are offering almost similar services at identical prices while there might be some that are offering a completely different feature-set at prices totally different from their competitors. So which is the right provider for you?

Now by logging on to Advanced Merchant Services you can make an enlightened choice and choose the right merchant account for your business. AMS offer a number of unique advantages that no other service provider offers. Firstly the rates offered by AMS are the cheapest in the market. So if you ever locate a site offering cheaper rates on similar products and services just log in to our Price Bust section and we will immediately beat it by 5%. Moreover AMS won’t force you to sign lengthy merchant accounts. The service quality of AMS is so good that we have never felt the need to bind our customer to rigid contracts. If you want apply for a merchant account with AMS, just fill in a simple online application and we will strive hard to get it approved within 24 hours. For further information visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co.


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