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Purpose of Credit card machines

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Purpose of Credit card machines

Are you new to the world of Credit cards Payment processing? If you are, then you must be in a terrible predicament over which credit card processing machine should you go for. To make matters worse, you may not even be sure whether you actually need a credit card terminal or not. Your need for a credit card machine is obviously dictated by the needs of business you are involved in. So if you are retail merchant operating primarily in the offline environment, what you need is a credit card swipe machine. Now just for the sake of information, you first need to apply for a merchant account to be able to use these credit card machines to process your payments.

Now assuming that you are in the market for an efficient and reliable merchant-account, you should logon to the official website of Advanced Merchant Services and browse through the various merchant account options offered by the site. Advanced Merchant Accounts (AMS) is undisputedly the best merchant service provider currently operating the US market. Its antecedence goes back to well over nine years, when plastic money had just started gaining popularity. Ever since then, AMS has been relentlessly pursuing the policy of excellence, in order to provide its clients with flawless services. To make the transition from cash to plastic easier for businessmen, AMS offers a brand new credit card processing machine with every new merchant account. If you are thinking of applying for a new merchant account, go for AMS, because then you will be able to save yourself three to four hundred precious dollars that you would have otherwise spent on getting a credit card machine.

AMS offers a variety of credit card machines, to suit the needs different businesses and operating environments. The Lipman Nurit 8000 Wireless Credit Card Machine, has been rated as one of the best machines in the market today. The Nurit 8000 is a handheld terminal with an inbuilt printer. It’s extremely lightweight and can be carried anywhere. It’s as efficient as its larger cousins but its portability gives it an added edge.

There are however other machines that are both sleek and efficient and do not cost as much as the Nurit. The Omni 3200’s small and sleek design is greatly appreciated by merchants who are always on the move. The omni processes almost all types of payments and comes with a thermal printer. Available in less than half the price of Nurit, the Omni is really a great investment. To find out more about the various credit card processing machines do visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co.


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