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Quality credit card machines

There are a number of credit card machines available in the market today. Not surprisingly, most businessmen find it rather difficult to make a prudent decision when it comes to purchasing the right credit card processing machine. The first part of the decision making process is easy enough. You simply need to match your business with the machine you are looking to purchase. For example, if you are a retail merchant, you will need a credit card swipe machine and if you are an online merchant you will need to apply for a virtual terminal. A virtual terminal is an online version of credit card machines used in retail stores. 

The second part of the process is a little tricky. Which company or brand’s credit card machine should you purchase? To make this decision easier you can log onto the website Advanced Merchant Accounts. AMS is the one of the oldest and most reputed Merchant Service providers currently operating in the online environment. AMS is moreover an ongoing member of the Better Business Bureau, which is testament to its commitment to quality and superior commercial practices. AMS offers a number of excellent credit card machines. In fact by applying for a merchant account you immediately become eligible for a free credit card machine.

AMS offers the Verifone Tranz 330, with every new merchant account. The Tranz 330, is very reliable easy to use terminal that will make processing easier for you and your clients. However, if you desire something a little more advanced, you should go for the Lipman Nurit Wireless Credit Card Machine. The Nurit 8000 operates on the circular GPRS network, which gives a huge coverage range. Even if your client lives in the suburbs, outside the city you will never face any inconvenience. The value of being recognised by people is to look for flawless real time credit card processing.

There are several other credit card processing machines offered by AMS. But with these you should also contemplate purchasing the PC Charge Pro. PC charge Pro, is an advanced software package designed for businessmen who need fast and convenient transaction procession, with infallible security features like AVS and CVV, which minimise frauds and chargebacks. The software works perfectly on all windows system. To find out more, about the various credit card machines offered by AMS do visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co.


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