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Selecting the Right Service for Your Merchant Account

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Selecting the Right Service for Your Merchant Account

Offering your customers a number of easy payment alternatives can make your business grow by leaps and bounds. The option of allowing people to pay for merchandise with their credit cards will make them come frequently to your store or website. Most consumers nowadays prefer to process their orders with credit cards, so if you don’t want to lose them to your competitors, you must offer them the option of paying you with their credit cards. AMS helps to select the right service for your merchant account.

There are a number of merchant service firms providing merchant accounts to both online and offline business owners. A few years back, merchant services were only available to retail establishments located in a physical location. But due to the demands of online shopping many merchant account providers have begun to provide merchant services to online marketers as well. If you need a merchant account to carry out online transactions you will need a merchant account service that offers real-time processing. Through real-time processing a customer's credit card is processed as soon as an order is placed. The customer too receives a prompt email notification that the fund transfer is approved and the purchase order processed by the credit card company.

Most merchant services charge a variety of fees from their clients, but not all of them. Check around with different providers until you are able to locate the one that in your opinion charges a reasonable price. Your relationship with your merchant service provider should be a long and fruitful one. Advanced Merchant Services (www.merchant-acccounts.com) is one of the biggest merchant service providers in the United States. AMS has been operating in the online environment since the last nine years and ever since the day of its inception has provided incomparable service to all its clients. Moreover, Advanced Merchant Accounts is a member of the Better Business Bureau which is testament to its unremitting dedication to quality and excellence.

By applying for a merchant account with AMS you will be getting a number of unique advantages that are not offered by any other merchant service provider. By visiting our Price Bust section you can browse through the rates of our competitors. If you ever come across a site that offers a lower rate than AMS just let us know and we will immediately beat it by 5%. To provide a complete cost effective solution to all our clients we are providing a free credit card terminal with every new merchant account. Visit our official website www.merchantaccounts.co get a merchant account that will take care of all your processing needs.


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