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Steps to be taken before Applying for a Merchant Services Account

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Steps to be taken before Applying for a Merchant Services Account

A merchant account is placed through a bank or a web based merchant account provider for an online businessman, enabling him to accept payments from all over. A merchant account is not a personal bank account; its job is to divert the money you earn through credit card into your personal bank account. It’s a seal of reliability and trustworthiness that any online business needs to succeed and grow. Despite the fact that most banks still hesitate to provide online merchant account due to the credit card frauds, an increasing number of online Merchant service providers, at the same time are offering merchant accounts especially to those who market their products online.

There are basically two types of payment processing that Merchant Service providers offer. These are manual and real-time processing. Manual processing demands the credit card number to be sent though a phone or a fax transaction. The customers may also ask to fill online form and mention his credit card number. Manual processing is secure, cheap and perfect for marketers with a limited budget. Real-time Merchant account processing on the other hand is perfect for bigger web based players because the card is processed within seconds of the order being placed. This is a less secure option as the customer receives an email notification that the order has been accepted and the fund transfer is approved, even before the card has been verified. The type of credit card processing you apply for should reflect the business you are engaged in.

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