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Tips for choosing the best credit card machine

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Tips for choosing the best credit card machine

There are a variety of credit card machines available in the market today. Most of these terminals have all the usual features but the wise business decision would be to purchase a terminal, which addresses your specific business needs. The first question you need to ask yourself is whether, you really need a credit card machine or not? Only if your answer is a definite “yes”, should you contemplate getting a credit card machine. If you own a retail shop or any business that necessitates a face to face interaction with the customer, a credit card machine becomes indispensable. Most consumers nowadays find it easier, to whip out their cards to pay for their purchases. They also tend to feel more secure as they know that transactions made using a credit card terminal is virtually safe and secure.

There are basically three types of terminals; physical terminals that may come with or without printers, portable credit card machines that businessmen can carry with themselves and virtual software based terminals that are used by online businessmen and by those who take business orders over the phone. So your choice of credit card machine greatly depends on the kind of business you are involved in. Another important point that would influence your purchase decision is the cost of the machine. Credit card terminals can be purchased anywhere between $125 to a $1000. So carefully check out the features offered by the machines and compare them to your business needs.

Bu logging onto Advanced Merchant Services, you can browse through our huge selection of credit card machines. Whatever be your requirement, whatever your budget, you will definitely find a terminal to suit your needs. As mentioned earlier there are basically three types of credit card terminals. For people operating from a fixed geographical location you should purchase the Lipman Nurit 2059i. This incredible piece of equipment is designed to handle almost all conceivable payment types. In addition it is also designed to keep a track of track of staffing time through the time card management.

If you are a businessman on the move, then you should go for the Lipman Nurit 8000. The Nurit 8000 is as powerful and efficient as its larger cousins but comes in a much smaller package. For those taking orders on the net, the PCCharge Pro is the best and the securest software package currently available in the market. This software is perfect for businesses that need an efficient processing system coupled with several security features like AVS and CVV, to minimize frauds and chargebacks.  To find out more about our services, visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co.


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