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Tips on finding the best Merchant Account Provider for your business

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Tips on finding the best Merchant Account Provider for your business

With literally thousands of merchant account companies vying to serve your business, making an enlightened choice sound difficult. How can you distinguish between two companies that are almost exactly alike – offer identical rates, exactly same services, and to top it all, even their name sounds similar? It is for this reason, choosing the right merchant account services can be the toughest business decision that you will ever make. Here are a few tips to help you locate the right merchant service provider.

While price quotes given by merchant service providers are an important factor, they shouldn’t be allowed to cloud your judgment. There are a number of smart talking sales people who will try and lure you into signing up for a merchant service by pandering their gloriously low rates, which will start smarting the moment you discover their poor services or hidden charges.

Customer support plays a major role in helping you choose the right service provider. This innocuous part of an organization is actually a major indicator of their size and caliber. Try calling up on their customer support number. Any medium to large sized merchant service provider makes sure that their customer support representatives can be quickly and easily reached at all hours of the day. Most of the bigger players even make their customer support number toll free. Further, genuine credit card processing companies and merchant service providers will readily give you several referrals of current clients. It’s from these clients that you will get a correct picture of the company.

Choosing the right merchant service provider can be difficult. But as the saying goes, when in doubt go for the best. By logging on to Advanced Merchant Services (AMS) at www.merchantaccounts.co, you can discover the various reasons why AMS is the undisputed leader of all merchant service providers. AMS has a history of over nine years. Ever since credit cards became a popular mode of transaction, AMS has been providing unparalleled services to its clients. Moreover, Advanced Merchant Services is also a member of the Better Business Bureau. This is an irrefutable stamp of genuineness. Sincerity, efficiency, and commitment have made AMS the preferred service provider for millions of merchants operating in both physical and online environments. As far as the rates are concerned, you can be certain that no other player in the United Sates can offer you more competitive rates than AMS. To reduce the initial burden of setting up a terminal, AMS offers a free credit card machine with every new merchant account.  Visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co to find out more about our services.


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