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Tips on Setting up Your Internet Merchant Account

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Tips on Setting up Your Internet Merchant Account

An internet merchant account can really do wonders to your online business. Through it, you will be able to accept more customers than ever before. Merchant accounts, will allow you to accept a variety of electronic payments methods like credit/debit cards. They will make your transactions safer and more efficient and make the entire shopping experience and absolute breeze for your customers. However, different merchant service providers have different policies and you should find out all that you can before signing the dotted line on their contract. You can easily find out a lot abut the efficacy of a company, by asking them seven basic questions. The answer to these questions will be sufficient to guide your decision.

The first question you need to ask is whether you will need to get separate authorizations or permissions for different types of transactions? Follow it up by asking what additional charges will you have to pay for accepting cards both online and offline?

  • Then ask whether you can accept payments other Visa and MasterCard. This includes credit/debit cards issued by Discover and American Express.

  • Then you should enquire about the different discount rates for different types of charges?

  • Ask about the fees related to Internet merchant account – the yearly setup. The minimum monthly charge, statement, customer support, cancellation, per-transaction, gateway access, chargebacks and all others.

  • Then ask whether you will need to process the charges manually or will it be done automatically?

  • Ask the merchant service providers, whether or not they are providing a secure payment gateway?

  • And lastly ask them about the Internet merchant account software and other services you will need to get to charge payments on the net.

These seven questions will clear all your doubts and will educate you about the policies of that particular merchant service provider. However, the easiest way to getting the services of the best merchant service provider on the net is by logging onto the website Advanced Merchant Services (AMS). AMS is the most reputed name, among all merchant service providers currently operating in the online sector. The advantages we offer aren’t offered by any other service provider. AMS, is the only service provider in the United Sates that won’t make you sign expensive contracts that will bind you to the company. This means our services come without the usual hefty cancellation fees. By signing up with AMS, you become eligible for a free credit card terminal and as online merchant a free Authorize.Net payment gateway with Internet package 4. To find out more about our services, do visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co.


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