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Tips to select best merchant service for your business

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Tips to select best merchant service for your business

While it’s generally agreed that an Internet merchant account can be set in less than a week, the process should ideally take a lot longer. This is because, a merchant needs to give a lot of thought to the kind of Internet merchant account he desires. The merchant account should compliment the line of business he’s involved in, the charges should be as reasonable as possible and account should provide his business with a seal of absolute security. Figuring out all this things is obviously a rather time taking process. You don’t want to be stuck with a merchant account that eats into your profits, is inefficient or unreliable.

Online credit card processing has a few additional fees than a retail merchant account. Carefully read through the various fees and charges you will need to pay to merchant service provider. Always get all your doubts clarified before signing up. This will save you from nasty surprises, when you get your monthly statement. One of the most common mistakes made by online merchants is that they accidentally sign up for retail merchant accounts instead of Internet merchant account. Most Internet merchant accounts have rate over 2%, so if you have been quoted a below 2%, it’s likely that you have been misquoted. So don’t sign up till you are absolutely sure.

Always go for a known payment gateways to handle your credit card transactions  Though it’s a fact some of the leading gateway companies offer excellent features, nothing can be compared to the reliability offered by established gateway companies have. Now by logging onto the website of Advanced Merchant Services, why we are the leading merchant service provider operating in the online sector. AMS (AMS) was set more than nine years back, when online shopping had just started gaining acceptance. Since then we have been providing our clients with excellent services at extremely affordable rates. By using the Price Bust technology on our site you can browse through the rates of all our competitors and if you ever come across a lower rate just let us know and we will immediately beat it by 5%.

Moreover, by signing up with AMS, you will also get an Authorize.Net payment gateway absolutely free with the Internet package 4. Authorize.Net is the most reliable payment gateway with an impeccable reputation. To top it all we are also offering an additional rebate of $200 to all merchants processing $10000 or more during any of the first three months with AMS. To find out more about our services, do visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co.


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