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Uses of Internet Merchant Accounts

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Uses of Internet Merchant Accounts

As suggested by the name, Internet merchant accounts enable a merchant to process credit/debit card and other electronic payment options through the internet. The primary criterion obviously requires the businessman to get merchant services from a bank or other financial institutions and open an account with them. It’s However, a fact that most banks do not provide Internet merchant services. The reason is pretty simple. Physical transaction with credit involves the customer’s signature; he is personally present when his/her card is being swiped. This is not the case when credit cards are used to make online purchases. There is always a slight risk of frauds and chargebacks and banks are not willing to take this additional risk. There are however a number of third party and independent Internet Merchant service providers with whom you can open an account.

Internet merchant accounts are however costlier than normal merchant accounts. Understanding the various fees and other charges, of your service providers can be a pretty complicated process. Characteristically, an Internet merchant account will have these costs.

  • Application Fee: This fee is used cover by service providers to cover their expenses for processing the application of the prospective client. In some cases even if you don’t open an account with them, you still have to pay the initial payment.

  • Statement Fee: Statement fee is a norm with almost all merchant service providers. It’s just another way of making some extra profit.

  • Discount rate: Discount rate is actually the sales commission, earned by the service provider on every sale. This is usually 3% to 4%, of a particular sale.

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