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What to Look For in a Credit Card Processor

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What to Look For in a Credit Card Processor

When you buy a product online, a lot goes on behind the screens. The shopping cart program gathers the order information and compiles them into a form that the credit card processing company accepts. If the credit card is cleared for purchase, information is received from the company and fund transfers are initiated. The customer receives information of acceptance and deliveries are made. Credit card processing is what occurs behind the screens. It is nothing but the process of getting the authorization of a credit card purchase when ordering online. And that explains how a credit card processing company plays a major role in e-commerce.

When looking for a credit cared processing company for your business, make sure that you look into every aspect. Look for credit card processing companies that have been in the business for a while and have a good reputation. This is perhaps the best way to avoid fraudulent companies who may lure you with low overall fees, but may cause great business losses. And also ensure that your credit card processing company accepts most credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and also debit cards.

T he fees and prices charged by credit card processing companies may vary. However, the most commonly charged fees are -

Transaction fees

As the name suggets, it is the fees for transaction. Check from the credit card processing company if/the amount of fees, they charge for the type of merchant account you want.

Discount fees

This is the regular percentage charged per transaction. A higher discount rate would mean adding extra expenses to your business. Also look out for credit card processing companies that may offer low discount fees but compensate by charging high amounts for their application fees and statement fees.

Up Front fees

Most credit card processing companies charge up front fees in the form of application fees, set up fees or software fees. Find out beforehand as to what are the up front fees the company charges and compare them with those of other companies.

Monthly fees

Despite charging other fees, some credit card processing companies also additionally charge monthly fees. This would generally imply that whether or not you use the service, you may need to pay a predetermined amount every month.

Apart from the afore-mentioned, some companies may also charge a gateway fees for online business or other types of fees. Before deciding on your credit card processing company, it’s best to compare all the features and select the one that works best for your business.


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