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Why to choose Internet Merchant Accounts

Selecting internet merchant accounts is not just limited to locating a trustworthy and efficient merchant service provider. Your choice of service provider goes a lot deeper, and should ideally include the kind of online business you are involved in. Different merchant service providers have different company policies. There are some that won’t allow you to sell “digital” products like ebooks and others only process US made payments. There are still others that won’t process your payments if you are involved in high-risk ventures such as online casinos, betting or gambling sites.

Selecting the wrong payment processing option can really eat into your profits. For example if you sign up for a casino internet merchant account but are involved in offering online college tuitions, you will end up making lesser profits than you would have actually hoped for. So it’s important apply for Internet Merchant Services, only after being absolutely sure of the kind of online business you will be setting up. For example if you are planning to set up an adult website, then you will need to apply for a specialist account, as most processors won’t offer you their services because of the nature of your business. Same is the case with network marketing sites as these have highest cases of frauds and chargebacks. If however you are involved in a low risk business, then its always best to apply for an Internet merchant account with a service provider, that has a certain standing in the market.

By logging onto to the website of Advanced Merchant Services (AMS) you can browse through the various reasons that make us the service provider of choice for most online businessmen. AMS has been operating in the online arena since the past nine years and is moreover, an ongoing member of the Better Business Bureau. This is nothing less than a testament to our dedication to provide our clients with nothing less than the very best. The service quality of AMS is superior as compared to all its competitors and this is proved by the fact that AMS has never felt the need to make its clients sign expensive binding contracts. Most online merchant service providers, make their clients sign punitive bonds and force them to pay hefty termination fees when their clients want to part ways. AMS has never done this.

Moreover, by signing up with AMS you will get a plethora of other benefits. AMS gives all its new clients a free credit card terminal and a free Authorize.Net payment gateway with Internet package 4. To find out more about our services, do visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co.


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